Talking Social Enterprise is an online conversation for social entrepreneurs, by social entrepreneurs. The one-hour show brings you insights and learnings from entrepreneurs actively working in the field — in both non-profit organisations and for-profit businesses.

Our mission is to inform, inspire, and connect change-makers with each other, and with opportunities to grow their impact.

Talking Social Enterprise is hosted as a webinar. Our audience is invited to join the conversation by signing up to get a ticket emailed with a link to the webinar room.

Go to www.talkingsocialenterprise.net and click on the first post to sign up to attend the next live webinar, or watch the replay later.

The first season of Talking Social Enterprise was launched in 2014 and featured recognised social entrepreneurs such as Shona Mc Donald of ShonaQuip, Tracey Chambers of The Clothing Bank and Pat Pillai of LifeCo UnLtd. Guests in the second season includes Nonhlanhala Joye of Umgibe Farming and Training Institute.

Each episode of Talking Social Enterprise covers the story of one entrepreneur who has something of interest to share or have achieved good impact. The focus of the hour-long event is on this guest and what others can learn, or what others can offer as advice or tips…

The format is fairly informal but follows a basic structure to guide the discussion and allow attendees to participate through text chat posts or questions, phoning in through a telephone call, voting in polls and responding to offers.

In the room with the guest are the two Talking Social Enterprise hosts, Rachael Millson and Christoff Oosthuysen, as well as two social entrepreneurs from the Talking Social Enterprise Panel. In this way, a lively and informative discussion takes shape around the story of the guest.

The Talking Social Enterprise Panel consists of past guests and Social Enterprise Academy Tutors.

Talking Social Enterprise is a partnership managed by the Social Enterprise Academy (SEA) Africa and the Entrepreneurial Planning Institute (EPI).